Welcome to the BBS reviews vault!

An ever-expanding resource for all fans of America’s brown liquor.

Be it bourbon, rye, malt, wheat whisky, corn whisky, or some mad thing Corsair have come up with, we’ll sniff it, sip it, and scribble our honest opinion.

Honest is bold for a reason.

As Britain’s biggest American Whiskey appreciation society, the buying power of BBS members is immense.

Whiskey isn’t cheap, and a lot of bottles are bought off the back of our reviews, as well as off recommendations in our Facebook group.

So it’s vital that nothing but honest critique makes its way onto our site.

After all, not all whiskies are created equal. And with so many brands available to you, the consumer, it’s important that you know when something doesn’t taste as it should. Or doesn’t taste of anything at all. Or tastes downright unpleasant. Or isn’t up to former standards.

And if we tell you that, you’ll know you can trust us when we say something tastes incredible. Or when we claim to have uncovered an unexpected gem.

The honesty doesn’t end there, either.

A lot of sites won’t tell you when their review has been from a free sample.

Or they’ll give, at worst, lukewarm reviews of free samples, worrying that criticism will result in the freebie tap being turned off.

99% of the time, reviews you read here will be of whiskies we have spent our own money on, or have swapped with fellow enthusiasts.

In fact, in 2016 and 2017, that was the case for every one of our reviews.

However, should it so happen that a brand sends us a sample, we will always say so.

And we will never let free samples influence our criticism. Rubbish whiskey is rubbish whiskey. End of. We don’t want to see it in your glasses. And if it ends up in your glasses anyway, it won’t be because of us!

In short, expect lots of independent opinions, lots of entertaining critique, and lots of whiskey.

Whether you’re a hardened fan of US juice, or taking your very first steps into bourbon, welcome to the vault!

Let’s do some tasting ...