NAB (NOT A BOURBON): A night of peated whisky

By @LondonLiquor

The British Bourbon Society is all about celebrating American whiskies. But, every now and then, we still like a decent scotch … particularly when it’s peated – something rarely seen in American whiskies (with a few notable exceptions).  Enter one of the peatiest Islay whiskies of the lot: Laphraoig.

Last night saw the launch of the Laphroaig #OpinionsWelcome campaign at the Hackney Picturehouse. The idea is simple: tweet your most creative descriptions of Laphroaig to #OpinionsWelcome to see it being projected onto the side of their distillery wall in Islay.  A few of the tamer descriptions included “Like wrestling a doctor in a peat bog” and “Wet Arran jumpers aboard a burning boat bound for bedlam”. Milroy’s stalwart William and I tried our best to win the prize for best description of the night but our entry was cruelly overlooked. Fortunately, the excellent Penicillin cocktails (Sam Ross, we salute you) and liberal quantities of Laphroaig helped get over the disappointment.

Check out the #OpinionsWelcome on Twitter to see how it’s all playing out.