BBS reviews a month of bourbon...

Our reviews section is looking a little sparse at the moment.

“A little sparse” might even be being kind. It currently sits at a grand total of four; a batting average of one every two months, with the first having been written on 5th December. Which feels a little unambitious for the British Bourbon Society.

What’s more, the four reviewed are hardly thick on the ground; ready to be scooped off shelves by eager punters keen to make good on newly-read information. Three are upwards of £150 (two of them by miles) and the fourth isn’t available in the UK. Which is hardly consumer friendly.

So this month we’re changing all that. Starting today we’re reviewing 31 different bourbons*, from 31 different distilleries*. (Yes, the asterisks denote that we will be cheating slightly on both counts. But only slightly.)

We’ll be covering a range of prices, availabilities, ages, and mashbills, from the dizzyingly rare to the on-offer-in-Asda. Which hopefully means that there’ll genuinely be something for everyone. The only two rules are that they’ll all be at least 51% corn, and they’ll all be distilled, matured, and bottled* in America.

No scores I’m afraid; you’ll have to actually read the words, though hopefully the quality and value verdicts will be pretty clear. And, as with all things review-y, caveat lector and caveat emptor.

Enough of the Latin already. Let’s taste some bourbon.