Rock Town Arkansas Bourbon Review

Whiskey Name: Rock Town Arkansas Bourbon

Distillery: Rock Town

Whiskey Type: Wheat recipe bourbon

Release Date: General release

Price: £42

Age: NAS

ABV: 46%

Mashbill: 82% corn, 9% wheat, 9% malted barley

Introduction/Background: Another wheated craft bourbon, this one from the Rock Town distillery in Arkansas. Lower on wheat this time, which I think is probably a wise move in a young whiskey. Rock Town hasn’t been around super long, but somehow I feel I’ve heard more about it than a good number of other craft operations. Not tasted it until now though, so without further ado, let’s crack on.

Appearance: Mid amber. (But you’ll have to trust me on that, or look it up for yourself, as like an idiot I drank it before I’d remembered to take a photo. And using Drinks by the Dram doesn’t give me much chance to remedy things. Sorry!)

Nose: Deep, earthy, bread, pastry-ish sort of a nose. Actually, that pastry element pops more and more the longer this sits in the glass. Pencil shaving-style wood, and a dollop of buttery corn. So quite straightforward, on the musky, savoury side of the ledger, but relatively bold, solid stuff. And not immature/over young.

Mouth: Sweetens up a fair bit, but retains that depth. A fruit element creeps in that wasn’t on the nose. Dates? Something dried, at any rate. It’s very much in the background though; this is primarily oak + grain + caramel. That savoury, wholemeal gristiness remains.

Finish: Medium. More wholemeal.

Value for Money: Not bad as wheated craft whiskey goes.

Summary: A decent enough wheater. I don’t think it’s as good as the Larceny, and I certainly wouldn’t take it over Maker’s 46. That said, I’d be intrigued to side-by-side it with David Nicholson 1843’s new NAS entity; I’ve a notion the Rock Town would edge it. There’s nothing young or immature here, but equally there’s no real USP. But this distillery is still young, and it’s clearly doing a lot right. This whiskey makes me curious to try more from the range, and it handles wheat very solidly indeed. I shall have to investigate further.

Overall Verdict: One to watch. No fireworks perhaps, but very well-made wheated bourbon that augurs well for the long term.

Words by WhiskyPilgrim